On Wednesday, Israeli soldiers chased dozens of schoolchildren and fired gas bombs at an elementary school in Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, wounding many.

Dozens of soldiers invaded an area around a school in Hebron, closed roads, and isolated them, denying the Palestinians from entering or leaving the area.

Qussai Ja’bari, the principal of the Hebron Elementary School, said the soldiers fired many gas bombs into the school near the Ibrahimi Mosque and chased many children while heading home.

Ja’bari added that many children suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation, while others fell and suffered cuts and bruises while running away in fear of getting hurt.

A week ago, the Palestinian Health Ministry said Rayyan Yasser Suleiman, 7, died from a heart attack after Israeli soldiers chased the terrified child to his home, accusing him and his brother of throwing stones at them.