On Monday, Israeli soldiers invaded the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp in Jericho city in the northeastern West Bank, killed a young man, injured three, and abducted three, including two siblings.

Jihad Abu Al-Asal, the governor of Jericho and the Northern Plains, said the soldiers fatally shot Suleiman Ayesh Hussein Oweid, 20, and took his corpse away.

Abu Al-Asal added that Civil Affairs Committee confirmed the young man’s death and added that the soldiers also injured three Palestinians, including two with live fire, and abducted one of them, Ali Othman Habash,

The Israeli army said it invaded the refugee camp to attest “wanted Palestinians,” adding that the soldiers saw two Palestinians trying to escape and shot them.

In related news, many army vehicles invaded Askar Media sources said the invasion led to an exchange of fire between the soldiers and Palestinian fighters.

On Monday dawn, the soldiers invaded many parts of the occupied West Bank, stormed and ransacked dozens of homes, and abducted at least sixteen Palestinians.