Three Palestinians were injured, Friday, during the weekly Kufur Qaddoum march in the northern West Bank, after being shot with rubber-coated steel rounds, while dozens suffered the severe effects of teargas inhalation after the soldiers attacked the weekly procession against the Annexation Wall and Colonies.

The soldiers invaded the town and attacked the protesters by firing rubber-coated metal bullets, stun grenades, and tear-gas canisters at them.

Morad Eshteiwi, the coordinator of the Popular Committee in Kufur Qaddoum, told Palestinian WAFA News Agency that Israeli soldiers fired live rounds, rubber-coated steel rounds, and tear-gas canisters at the protesters, injuring three of them, including a journalist, identified as Mohammad Fawzi.

Many Palestinians suffered the toxic effects of tear-gas inhalation.

Locals have been holding weekly processions for 17 years to express their rejection of all illegal Israeli settlements, as well as to demand that Israeli authorities reopen the village’s main road, which was sealed off to Palestinians, but used exclusively by illegal colonial settlers, since 2002.

Kufur Qaddoum

Kufur Qaddoum