Israeli troops reportedly abducted, early on Sunday, a dozen Palestinians from different parts of the Palestinian territories, prisoners sources said.

The Ramallah-based Palestinian prisoners forum said that Israeli troops invaded the al-“Isawiya neighborhood of the old city of Jerusalem, which is internationally-recognized as an Israeli-occupied Palestinian area.

The forum added that right after the invasion, Israeli soldiers broke into several Palestinian-owned homes and abducted;

1. Waleed Eliyan,
2. Qusay Eliyan,
3. Adam Mahmoud,
4. Tamer Mahmoud,
5. Mo’tasem Obaid,
6. Samer Obaid,
7. Mohammad Almasry,
8. Mos’ab Abu Ghazzala and
9. Ahmad Aljoulani

Palestinian sources in Azzoun town, on the outskirts of the Qalqilia district, said that Israeli troops abducted former prisoner;

10. Mohammad Redwan, 27,
11. Akram Mansour, 18 and
12. Mansour Esleem, 21

Israel’s abduction and arbitrary arrest campaigns, which are part of the Israeli military’s crackdown on Palestinians, go unabated.

For the time being, Israel holds around 5,000 Palestinian prisoners including women, children under the age of 18, the sick and the elderly.

The release of Palestinian prisoners was one of the key agreements in the Oslo Accords, signed by Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization, despite this, Israel continues to hold thousands of Palestinian prisoners, while abducting more on a daily basis.

Image: Alray, Wikipedia