Israeli authorities reportedly endorsed the erection of a new Israeli colonial settlement near the Kufur Qasem town, north of the West Bank.

According to Ma’areef Israeli Hebrew-language newspaper, the 10 acres of Palestinian farm land, on which the colonial settlement is set to be erected, will be rather designated as a cemetery for the Israeli colonial settlement of Sha’er Hamsharoun, accommodating around 30,000 tomb stones.

Yusi Daghan, Head of Israeli colonial settlements council, known as Shomroun, was quoted as saying “erection of the cemetery is a clear sign that we are going to remain in our places, forever. I would like to say that we are ready to welcome around 1,000,000 Jews and then accommodate them, in the northern West Bank. For this end, we are currently establishing the needed points of infrastructure, including transportations”.

Daghan also stated that a new industrial zone for settlers, is planned to be erected in the West Bank region.

Noteworthy, Israel occupied the Palestinian West Bank in 1967, and since then, Israel has embarked on illegal settlement construction, with hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers, currently living on Palestinian-owned lands.

Israeli settlement activities are deemed illegal under international law, United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution 242 of 1967, demanded that Israel withdraw immediately from the lands it occupied by force on June 4, 1967.

Recently, Israeli leaders have hinted at the possibility that Israel would annex the entire Palestinian West Bank region to Israel. A move that has been met with stark Palestinian, Arab and European rejection.

Image: Palestine News Network