A Palestinian worker who was trying to reach his workplace inside what is now Israel was shot by Israeli forces and then abducted by the soldiers.

Omar Yasser Shehada from the town of Anabta, east of Tulkarem, was trying to cross the Israeli Annexation Wall west of the town of Far’un, south of Tulkarem when soldiers stationed at the guard towers on the Wall spotted him and immediately opened fire.

They then took the wounded young man into a military vehicle and abducted him to an unknown destination. His medical condition remains unknown.

Shehadeh is one of thousands of Palestinian workers who depend on jobs inside the state of Israel – located on the other side of the Wall from their place of residence. Therefore, they must find ways to sneak into Israel on a daily basis to get to their jobs. Israeli employers depend on this cheap source of labor for their workforce.

But the Israeli Annexation Wall, which has been constructed over the past twenty years to annex most of the remaining Palestinian Territory and absorb it into the state of Israel, has made this kind of work extremely treacherous and dangerous for the Palestinian workers desperate enough for work that they are willing to risk it.