Israeli warplanes, early Wednesday morning, bombed a number of targets across the besieged Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian WAFA News Agency correspondent.

He said that Israeli fighter jets fired missiles at a site southwest of Gaza city in the north, and in Rafah city, in the south of the Strip.

At the same time, Israeli artillery tanks opened fire towards Palestinian-owned agricultural lands near al-Bureij refugee camp, in the southern strip and east of Rafah city.

Tuesday night, Israeli attack helicopters bombed a site in Beit Lahia town, in the north.

Material damages were inflicted, but no human casualties were reported.

Israeli army made claims that its renewed airstrikes were in response to balloons with incendiary devices, sent from Gaza, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

These balloons have allegedly sparked more than 60 fires in Israeli territories.

In contrast, local activists described the act, by Palestinian youths as an act of protest against Israel’s failure to honor previous ceasefire pledges to ease the blockade on Gaza.

In related news, Israeli military bulldozers, on Wednesday executed a limited incursion into agricultural lands the northern Gaza Strip Beit Lahia town, Alray reported.

Local sources said that at least four military bulldozers razed Palestinian-owned farmlands, amid the firing of live rounds and hovering of unmanned surveillance drones.

No injuries were reported.