Salam Marouf, the head of the Government Press Office in Gaza, said the Israeli bombing on Gaza, Tuesday, has led to the destruction of eleven residential units and caused damage to many homes and buildings.

In a press conference, Marouf said the Israeli offensive started in Rafah and Gaza City, adding that more than 50 Israeli war jets fired missiles on several areas, buildings, infrastructure, and farmlands, especially in Gaza City and in Rafah in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, and central Gaza.

He added that the government and its various ministries are on high alert and ready to deal with the current situation and for a possible further Israeli escalation.

Marouf stated that the Israeli occupation army didn’t just assassinate Palestinian leaders but also killed their families and deliberately targeted residential areas and facilities, in addition to tightening the siege on the coastal region and closing all terminals.

He added that all specialized teams were still evaluating the extent of damage and destruction caused by the Israeli missiles and were instructed to implement the previously set emergency protocols to help the people and alleviate their suffering.

Marouf also said that, despite the Israeli offensive, all government facilities are up and running to provide services for the people and added that there is enough food and goods to deal with the current situation and closure.

He called on all merchants to abide by the set prices of goods and supplies and added that the Consumer Protection Department monitors the markets.

Furthermore, Marouf called on the International Community and all related human rights groups to intervene and clearly announce a stance regarding the Israeli offensive and aggression.

On Tuesday evening, the Israeli army fired a missile at a Palestinian car in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, killing two Palestinians and wounding two.

At dawn Tuesday, the army killed thirteen Palestinians, including four children and four women, and injured about twenty, including some who suffered serious wounds.