The Palestinian Health Ministry has reported that Israel’s five-day offensive on the Gaza Strip has killed 33 Palestinians, including six children and three women, and injured at least 150.

The Health Ministry said that most of the victims of Israel’s missiles are women and that most of the 150 wounded Palestinians are women and children due to Israel’s deliberate targeting of homes and residential buildings.

It added that those numbers of injured Palestinians due not include the hundreds who suffered anxiety attacks due to Israel’s bombing of homes and civilian buildings.

The Israeli missiles destroyed 51 residential units and caused damage to more than 1000, including 50 that are structurally unstable, dangerous to live in, and need to be removed.

The missiles also caused serious damage to infrastructure, including roads, agricultural lands and structures, and even graveyards, especially when the army fired missiles into the Shuhada Graveyard in northern Gaza.

Only after the ceasefire deal came into effect that the Palestinians were able to start to examine the damage caused by the Israeli missiles.