Japan’s Ambassador for Palestinian Affairs and Representative of Japan to Palestine, Takeshi Okubo. on Sunday, signed  grant contracts for three electricity and water rehabilitation projects across the West Bank.

The Representative Office of Japan to Palestine said, in a press release, that Okubo signed grant contracts for two Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) with representatives of Ateel Municipality, Fahmeh village council, and Qarawat Bani Hassan Municipality, for a total amount of $262,804, at the Representative Office in Ramallah.

The Ateel Municipality, in the Tulkarem district, will use a fund of $84,675 to improve water supply for 350 households in 7 locations, at Ateel village, by replacing 16,000 m of old damaged water pipelines.

Fahmeh village council, in the Jenin district, will use a fund of $89,129 to solve the problem of electricity shortage and danger of non-isolated electricity wires by installing 8,000 m of isolated cables, a step that would directly benefit 2,000 residents.

Qarawat Bani Hassan Municipality in the Salfit district will also use a fund of $89,000 to rehabilitate 2,000 meters of water network in the town to improve tap water supply and enhance the water quantity and quality for 335 households and for 67 houses as direct beneficiaries.

Okubo congratulated Ateel Municipality, Fahmeh village council and Qarawat Bani Hassan Municipality, and wished them success in their project. He emphasized Japan’s firm commitment of supporting Palestinian people from human security perspective as well as the importance of implementing social and economic development projects needed for Palestinian communities.

Since 1993 the Government of Japan has extended its official development assistance amounting to approximately $1.86 billion to the Palestinians, WAFA reports.