Ramallah (Palestine) – March 13, 2022 (Quds Press)

The Journalists Support Committee said that the Israeli occupation targeted more than 260 journalists in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem last year, including 13 during the aggression on the Gaza Strip last May. Many of them sustained injuries and permanent disabilities that affected their professional work.

In a statement received by Quds Press, today, Sunday, on the occasion of the “Day of the Palestinian Wounded,” the committee stated that “the Israeli forces use, on a daily basis, internationally prohibited weapons against the Palestinians in general and journalists in particular.”

The “Journalists Support Committee” affirmed that;

“the occupation’s continuous attempts to target journalists and pursue media crews aims… to discourage them from continuing their role in exposing the crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian people.”

The committee called on the official Palestinian, Arab and international human rights institutions to shed light on the suffering of wounded Palestinian journalists, provide them with care, and hold the occupation accountable for its crimes against them, by international institutions and bodies and the Security Council.

The Committee to Support Journalists, which was established in 2016, works in several Arab countries, and is active in “defending the rights of journalists and promoting freedom of the press and media broadcasting throughout the region.”