The Israeli parliament of the Knesset has approved a controversial law forcing NGOs to declare the funds they receive from foreign state entities, with opposition saying the legislation will lead to the growth of “fascism.”

The law was approved with 57 votes to 48 on Tuesday, according to Press TV/Al Ray.

Observers have blasted the law as a vehicle to enable crackdowns on organizations seeking to use such funds to bring about equality for the Arab public.

Isaac Herzog, the head of the Israeli opposition, said ahead of the vote that the law represents “the buds of fascism blooming in Israel.”

Head of the Arab Joint List Ayman Odeh said the law sought to “intimidate and wipe away the few organizations that act and fight in the public sphere for equality to the Arab public.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, claimed the law’s goal was “to prevent an absurd situation in which foreign states meddle” in Israel’s affairs by funding NGOs.

The premier himself is suspected of having accepted more than USD one million worth of “donation” from a French fraud brain. Back in March, it was reported that Netanyahu had had shady relations with a French individual who has been convicted of fraud and sentenced to eight years in jail.

Netanyahu is also the subject of a police investigation into whether he had received illegal contributions from foreign businessmen during his current tenure.

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