The Palestinian NGO’s Network Rehabilitation Sector released a statement with a stark warning regarding the severe repercussions of the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The network highlighted that approximately 10,000 Palestinians have been left with various levels of disabilities as a direct result of the Israeli attacks.

In the statement, the group also mourned the loss of hundreds of people with special needs and added that thousands became disabled due to the ongoing Israeli onslaught.

It stated that the unfolding crisis has led to the displacement of tens of thousands of individuals with special needs, subjecting them to harsh living conditions, with no access to accessibility, or the needed medical supplies, assistive devices, and are also facing profound psychological distress.

The statement further pointed out that the Israeli military actions have not only caused physical harm to thousands of Palestinians, including permanent disabilities, but have also severely impeded the movement and access to essential services for persons with disabilities.

The destruction of critical infrastructure, roads, and rehabilitation centers has left thousands of persons with special needs struggling to navigate safely, resulting in the abandonment of crucial assistive devices in the face of relentless bombardment.