On Sunday, lawyer Ashraf Abu Sneina, of the Palestinian Detainees’ Committee, has reported that the Ofer Israeli military court, near Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank, has issued arbitrary Administrative Detention orders against fourteen detainees.

Abu Sneina stated that the detention orders, some are new and some are renewals, vary between three and six months.

Detainees held under such orders are not officially charged, but are imprisoned under alleged “secret security information,” to which neither they, nor their lawyers, have access to.

Abu Sneina said the detainees have been identified as:

  1.  Odai Zahra Khaddour from Hebron – 3 months order.
  2.  Mohammad Hussein Shallash from Hebron – 6 months renewal.
  3.  ‘Ala Awad Obeyyat from Bethlehem, 4 months order.
  4.  Monjed Nader al-Qawasmi, 4 months renewal.
  5.  Ibrahim Mohammad Faqeeh from Ramallah, 5 months renewal.
  6.  Yousef Mohammad Lahham from Jenin, 5 months renewal.
  7.  Eyad Habib Mousa from Bethlehem, 4 months renewal.
  8.  Tha’er Aziz Halahla from Hebron, 4 months renewal.
  9.  Hani Awadallah from Qalandia, 4 months renewal.
  10.  Ibrahim Mousa Makhamra from Yatta in Hebron, 6 months order.
  11.  Ibrahim Yassin Abu Srour from Bethlehem, 4 months renewal.
  12.  Rami Hisham Abu Safiyya from Hebron, 4 months renewal.
  13.  Mohammad Talab Shawawra from Bethlehem, 4 months renewal.
  14.  Mabrook Mahmoud Jarrar from Jenin, 3 months renewal.

Abdul-Nasser Ferwana, the head of the Studies and Documentation Unit of the Palestinian Detainees Committee, has reported, on July 16, 2017, that Israel issued 581 arbitrary Administrative Detention orders against Palestinian detainees, including women, in the period between early January and the end of July of this year alone.

Ferwana added that 188 of these orders were new orders, while the rest, 383, were renewals.

The official, who is also a former political prisoner, stated that the number of Palestinians held by Israel is more than 6300, among them 486 (at the time of his report) who are held under Administrative Detention, without charges or trial.