The Prisoners and Ex-prisoner Affairs Committee, Sunday, reported  that the total of fines imposed on the children held in the Ofer detention camp, during the month of October, reached approximately 62,000 shekels (over 16,000 USD).

The number of children sentenced during October was 27, and prison terms ranged from 45 days up to 22 months.

PNN reports that, during the past month, 26 minors were transferred to the “Cubs” section of Ofer Detention Center, 18 were taken from houses, 2 while on roads, 3 at military checkpoints, 2 were taken after the summons, and 1 for not owning a permit to enter Jerusalem.

Of those children detained in October, two were taken after being shot, while 8 others were beaten and abused during their detention, and then taken to Israeli interrogation centers.

In a related context, The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights’ (PCHR) report documented Israeli soldiers’ aggression on two young men who were recently abducted and beaten by Israeli soldiers during the detentionprocess. They included Salah Salah Shakarna, 16, from Nahalin, Bethlehem District, 24, from Dheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem.