“The Palestinian Cabinet declares that the systematic aggression on Bedouin communities aim at changing facts on the ground and undermining the two-state solution, welcomes the Irish Seanad bill banning the importation of products from illegal Israeli settlements, condemns the latest Israeli escalation of violence against the Gaza Strip and demands immediate international protection for the Palestinian citizens.”

During its weekly meeting held in Ramallah, on Tuesday, the Palestinian Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Rami Al- Hamdallah, condemned the latest Israeli escalation of violence and threats of resuming aggression against the Gaza Strip. According to the PNN, the Palestinian Cabinet called upon the international community to intervene immediately and prevent Israel from launching a new aggression against the Gaza Strip, which is still suffering from the effects of the latest three brutal Israeli wars since 2008. This requires responding to the demands of President Abbas to provide urgent and immediate international protection for our people, to stop the ongoing Israeli aggression, and to oblige Israel to comply with the rules of international and humanitarian laws as well as international legitimacy resolutions.

Furthermore, the Cabinet called on the international community to translate its condemnations of war crimes, committed by the occupying forces against Khan Al- Ahmar and other Bedouin communities, into actions. The Cabinet also hailed the position of Prime Minister Dr. Al- Hamdallah during his visit to Khan Al- Ahmar, where his Excellency greeted the residents of the community, Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission cadre, the nonviolent resistance activists, different national movements and media teams, who gathered to confront the Israeli attempts to uproot the original Palestinian owners of the land. This national, official, and international pressure created forced the Israeli court to temporarily halt the demolition order until the middle of next month, yet the demolition is expected to take place at any moment. Besides, Dr. Al- Hamdallah pointed out that Israel, the Occupying Power, through such plans, aims at isolating Jerusalem, cutting off the West Bank, sustaining its military occupation, and implementing the so-called “E1” settlement plan in a clear and flagrant violation of international laws and conventions. “This systematic aggression against Bedouin communities aims at changing facts on the ground, undermining the two-state solution and the possibility of an independent, sovereign, and geographically contiguous State of Palestine,” Dr. Al- Hamdallah stated.

Then, the Cabinet welcomed the opening of the new school year in Khan Al- Ahmar School in solidarity with students there aiming at activating the only education facility available to them, and upholding their steadfastness and existence on their own land.

The Palestinian Cabinet also praised the Irish Senates vote on the Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018, which prohibits the importation of products from Israeli settlements. The Cabinet transferred its deepest gratitude to the Seanad, which adopted a courageous position in support of peace, and stood along right and justice through prohibiting the importation of goods and services manufactured in illegal Israeli settlements, which means banning any other importations from Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. Hence, the Cabinet emphasized the importance of this vote and stressed that such just legislation reflects the depth and strength of historical relations between both the Palestinian and the Irish nations. Yet, the vote reflects Ireland’s firm commitment to defend social justice, equality, freedom and the rights of the oppressed, including the right of the Palestinian people to freedom, independence, and self-determination.

To conclude its session, the Cabinet appealed the EU member states to confront the illegal Israeli settlement expansion on Palestinian land, intervene to stop the systematic demolition and confiscation of Palestinian houses and property, particularly in the so-called “Area C” of the West Bank. Additionally, the Cabinet demanded the European Union to hold Israel accountable for its violations and to act in accordance with their announced principles and policies to boycott and ban all settlement products to end the Israeli occupation. “We are confident that the EU and its member states are reliable partners. We, in the Palestinian Cabinet, are very grateful for EU generous contributions to support our financial sustainability and to consolidate our institutional development,” the Cabinet stated. “We are counting on the European Union as a trustworthy partner that supports our national aspirations for the establishment of our independent State of Palestine on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital,” the Cabinet Added.

In short, the Palestinian Cabinet noted that the European Union firm commitment to the two-state solution preserves the right to hope for peace and the belief in justice, which Palestine still lives even under the Israeli military occupation.

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