Palestinian prisoner Hassan al-‘Oweiwi is on his 68th day of hunger strike, protesting his imprisonment without charge or trial under Israeli administrative detention. On Thursday, 6 June, Aweiwi was transferred to a civilian hospital, Barzilai, after the severe deterioration of his health after over two months without food. He is currently being held in Ramle prison clinic.

Hassan Abed Rabbo of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Commission said that al-‘Oweiwi, 35, had lost over 20 kilograms since he launched his hunger strike. The married father of three from al-Khalil was seized by Israeli occupation forces on 15 January 2019 and transferred to administrative detention – imprisonment without charge or trial. There are currently approximately 500 Palestinians, out of a total of 5,400 Palestinian prisoners, held under administrative detention. Detention orders can be issued for up to six months at a time and are indefinitely renewable; Palestinians have been jailed for years at a time under administrative detention.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society said that since al-‘Oweiwi launched his strike on 2 April 2019, he has been subject to numerous retaliatory measures by Israeli prison authorities, including throwing him in isolation, transferring him from prison to prison, denying him family visits and delaying his legal visits. The transfer process for Palestinian prisoners uses a “bosta,” a metal vehicle that is poorly ventilated and extremely hot in the summer, and “bosta” journeys often involve many stops that make the trip extremely lengthy.

Al-‘Oweiwi ’s wife, Maysaa, has spoken to the Palestinian media, urging greater attention to the situation of her husband and other Palestinians in Israeli jails.  He has spent three years in Israeli prison under multiple arrests, mostly in administrative detention.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network urges all to stand with Hassan al-‘Oweiwi, whose life and health is on the line to confront the unjust system of Israeli administrative detention. International solidarity can provide an important boost to Palestinian prisoners like ‘Oweiwi and contribute to their struggle, so all of our participation, protests, petitions and phone calls can play a role in helping him to achieve victory for justice and freedom.

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