The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned, Sunday, the German parliament’s decision to designate the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign as “anti-semitic”, Maan News reported.

The majority of German legislators voted in favor of the resolution, entitled “Resisting the BDS movement decisively – fighting antisemitism”, which claims the peaceful BDS movement uses anti-Semitic tactics to fulfill its political goals.

Foreign Minister Maliki said the decision came under the pretense that BDS aims to strip Israel of its right to self-defense, which reflects first that the role and action of the organization is so influential that Israel and its supporters began to look for a pretext or justification for attacking the organization and distorting its image.

FM Maliki further stated that Israel continues to impose its wishes on the representatives of the European peoples by blackmailing them.

Mr. Maliki concluded that the resolution disregards the fact that Israel is a state of ethnic cleansing, a state of racial discrimination, an outlawed state that commits crimes against the Palestinian people and occupies the Palestinian land while going unpunished.

In December 2018, Israeli author, Gideon Levy said, in response to the claims made by the Israeli government that the BDS movement is “anti-Semitic”, Levy dismissed such charges as “the automatic response of the Israeli propaganda against any criticism of Israel, not just BDS”.