According to Israeli sources, a Palestinian from the occupied West Bank reportedly rammed several Israelis with his car and stabbed one pedestrian before he was fatally shot dead by an Israeli civilian.

The sources said seven Israelis were injured in what they dubbed a car-ramming and a stabbing attack by the Palestinian on Pinchas Rosen Street in Tel Aviv before he was shot dead.

The Jerusalem Post said that, according to social media footage, the Palestinian was killed after he ran over several Israelis with a car and stepped out of the vehicle before stabbing one in the neck.

The Palestinian has been identified as Abdul-Wahab Khalayla, 20, from the As-Samou’ town, south of Hebron, in the occupied West Bank’s southern part.

The Jerusalem Post said an Israeli civilian at the scene fatally shot the Palestinian before paramedics arrived and started treating the wounded Israelis.

The Israeli Ynet News said a security camera footage shows the car the Palestinian was driving crashing into a bus stop, striking several Israelis, before he climbed out of the car window and chased onlookers while carrying a knife.

The Ynet quoted the police stating that the car veered onto the bicycle land and the sidewalk before striking pedestrians.

A video from the scene shows the Israeli executing the Palestinian by shooting at least three times, within a few seconds between each shot, after he was already shot and lying on the street bleeding.

Israeli daily Haaretz said one of the wounded Israelis is a pregnant woman, 46 years of age, who suffered serious wounds, two Israelis in their thirties sustained moderate wounds, and two were mildly injured due to the impact with the vehicle.

Haaretz quoted Tel Aviv Police District Commander Ami Eshed stating that the incident was a deliberate attack and that the Palestinian appears to have acted alone, but the police are trying to find out if he was accompanied by anybody else.

Haaretz also said that, according to the Shin Bet security service, the Palestinian “entered Israel without a permit, and had no security background.”

Shortly afterwards, the police detained several Paletinians believed to be involved in the incident and said that Abdul-Wahab’s background and affiliations are currently under investigation.

A few hours after the incident, the abducted his father and his brothers who work inside the Greenline. 

The soldiers also closed the main entrances of the As-Samou’ town, south of Hebron, the hometown of the slain young man.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli security agency first claimed Abdul-Wahhab’s brother, Hussein, was the slain Palestinian but later said the deceased is Abdul-Wahab.

On Tuesday dawn, Israeli soldiers killed a young Palestinian man, Odai Ibrahim Khamaisa, 22, in Jenin City, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, bringing the number of slain Palestinians in Jenin to ten on the second day of the Israeli offensive.

He was the nineth Palestinian the soldiers kill in Jenin, after the army killed eight earlier Monday, in addition to wounding more than 100, twenty seriously.

The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the eight slain Palestinians as Samih Firas Abu Al-Wafa, 21, Aws Hani Hannoun, 19, Husam Mohammad Abu Theeba, 18, Noureddin Husam Marshoud, 16, Mohammad Mohannad Shami, 23, Ahmad Mohammad Al-Amer, 21, Ali Hani Al-Ghoul, 17, and Majdi Ar’arawi, 17.

The Israeli military spokesperson said Israel still has ten targets to achieve in its Jenin refugee camp offensive and said the soldiers have abducted about 120 young men.

In a press conference, the spokesperson said that the army estimated that there are 300 Palestinian fighters in Jenin and added that it has a list of names of about 160.

Hundreds of Palestinian families (approximately 3000 Palestinians) were displaced from their homes in the refugee camp and went to the nearby Jenin governmental hospital and mosques after the army ordered them to leave as it continues its offensive.

Israeli military bulldozers and missiles caused excessive damage to homes and buildings, and bulldozed streets, in addition to destroying cars, and blocking access to the refugee camp, and attacking ambulances, medics and journalists.

On Monday night, the Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the death of a Palestinian teen, Mustafa Nidal Al-Qassem, 17, whom Israeli soldiers shot during the ongoing offensive on Jenin in the northern West Bank. The slain teen is the tenth Israeli soldier killed Monday; nine in Jenin and one near Ramallah.

Furthermore, the soldiers killed Mohammad Emad Hassanein, 21, at the entrance of the Al-Biereh city in the central West Bank.