The Palestinian killed by Israeli police on Sunday has been identified as Fares Bassam Abu Naab. His father said that the circumstances and the position of the car completely contradict the narrative of the police, who claimed that they fired on the car during the chase. The car was not hit with any bullets, however.

In addition, a cellphone video taken from an apartment above the street clearly shows the young man parking and exiting the vehicle. It then shows a heavily armed Israeli police officer running toward him, shooting him, then running back.

Abu Naab’s father said that his son was forced out of the car, and then he was shot. He said that what happened is clearly an execution, and that the police claim they want to do an autopsy. The family has refused the autopsy, and the Israeli police will be taking the family to court.

Abu Naab’s father also said that despite the fact he went to a number of police stations asking about his son, and was refused any information, later he was contacted by Mahash, the Israeli police investigatory unit for internal investigations. Mahash confirmed the death of the son, and asked the father to come to the station to file a complaint and to agree to an autopsy.

The Wadi Hilwej Information Center in Silwan said that after the young man was killed, the Israeli police and soldiers invaded the area surrounding his home in Ras al-Moud neighborhood in Silwan, and fired gas bombs at the crowds that gathered.

Palestinian Killed by Israeli Police in Jerusalem

Nov 17, 2019 at 17:36

A Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli forces early Sunday, east of Jerusalem, after being chased down by Israeli police.

Walla Israeli website claimed, according to the PNN, that Israeli police forces killed a Palestinian man from East Jerusalem while chasing him, at dawn, alleging that he participated in the theft of a car, in the city of Jerusalem.

A statement by the Israeli police spokesman said: “During the chase, police officers opened fire towards the car, wounding the driver critically, and was declared dead after attempts to revive him in the hospital failed.”

A surveillance video, which was later posted on social media, shows the slain man in the driver seat of a parked car before an officer ran towards him and shot him just as he was trying to step out of the car.

The officer did not seem to be in any danger before he resorted to the fatal fire.