On Sunday evening, a Palestinian young man succumbed to wounds he sustained on Friday during the military assault on Jenin and the Jenin refugee camp, in the northern West Bank.

According to Fawaz Hammad, the director of the Al-Razi Hospital in Jenin announced the death of the young man, Ahmad Rashad Mahmoud Abu Al-Haija, 24, from serious injuries he sustained on Friday in the city of Jenin and the Jenin camp.

With the death of the young man, Abu Al-Haija, the number of slain young men from the Israeli attack rose to eight.

The slain Palestinians were identified as;

1. Ahmad Bassem Ammouri, 20, 

2. Qussai Amjad Hazouz, 23, 

3. Fuad Eyad Aziz Ashqar, 25,

4. Yassin Ahmad Mahmoud Al-‘Areedi, 30,

5. Mohammad Mahmoud Jabarin, 54,

6. Harith Asaad Ahmad Hashash, 19, and

7. Humam Asaad Ahmad Hashash, 23.

Abu Al-Haija was seriously injured when an armed Israeli drone fired a missile at a vehicle, killing four young men near the Al-Awda roundabout in the Jenin refugee camp.

The drone strike killed the four young men, Ahmad Bassem Ammouri, 20, Qussai Amjad Hazouz, 23, Fuad Eyad Aziz Ashqar, 25, and Yassin Ahmad Mahmoud Al-‘Areedi, 30, instantly.

A fifth Palestinian, Mohammad Mahmoud Jabarin, 54, was killed when an Israeli soldier fired live ammunition at him while he was on the rooftop of his home in the Zahra’ neighborhood in the city.

Later on Friday, occupation forces executed the two brothers, Humam Asaad Ahmad Hashash, 23, and Harith Asaad Ahmad Hashash, 19, after firing “Energa” anti-tank rifle grenades at a home in the “Hursh Al-Sa’ada” neighborhood in the western part of Jenin.

Later, dozens of Palestinian young men gathered in front of the Al-Razi Hospital and carried the body of the slain Abu Al-Haija to the Jenin Governmental Hospital, prior to the funeral which will be held on Monday, in his hometown of Kafr Dan, west of Jenin.

Israeli forces have now killed 571 Palestinian civilians, including 138 children, and injured more than 5,300 others, in various regions of the occupied West Bank, since the beginning of the military onslaught against the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023.

Israeli forces have killed at least 38,153 Palestinians, the majority of whom are woman and children, and injured at least 87,828, since the beginning of the brutal military onslaught against the devastated Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023, while thousands remain buried under the rubble.

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