On Friday, Israeli soldiers assassinated four Palestinians, and killed a man after shooting him while he was on the rooftop of his home, and seriously injured several Palestinians, in Jenin, in the occupied West Bank’s northern part.

Media sources said the soldiers assassinated four Palestinians after targeting their car with a missile from a military drone.

Many armored military vehicles, including bulldozers, invaded Jenin from several directions after the army assassinated the four Palestinians.

The Health Ministry has officially identified the slain Palestinians as Ahmad Bassem Ammouri, 20, Qussai Amjad Hazouz, 23, Fuad Eyad Aziz Ashqar, 25, and Yassin Ahmad Mahmoud Al-‘Areedi, 30.

The four were killed, and one was injured, when an Israeli military drone fired a missile at them near the Al-Awda Junction, in the Jenin refugee camp.

Mohammad Mahmoud Jabarin

The Health Ministry added that a fifth Palestinian, Mohammad Mahmoud Jabarin, 54, was killed by a bullet fired by an Israeli soldier at him while on the rooftop of his home in the Zahra’ neighborhood.

The Israeli army also shot and seriously injured two Palestinians; one of them, 18 years of age, was shot in his neck, and another Palestinian was shot in the head, before they were moved to Ibn Sina Hospital.

The Health Ministry stated that several Palestinians were injured, especially due to the Israeli missile, and that seven of the injured suffered serious wounds.

Wissam Bakr, director of the Jenin Government Hospital, confirmed the four slain Palestinians were brought to the hospital before the fifth was killed on the rooftop of his home, and added that seven seriously wounded Palestinians were also admitted to the medical facility.

Al-Jazeera said Ahmad Al-Ammouri is the brother of the founder of the Jenin Battalion of the Al-Quds Brigades, Jamil Al-Ammouri, who was killed in an Israeli attack in Jenin on June 10, 2021.

The Israeli army also surrounded the home of Ahmad Marwan Jom’a Al-Ghoul, in the Sa’ada neighborhood in the western part of Jenin, before firing a missile and several live rounds at the property.

The army then used loudspeakers to demand a Palestinian resistance fighter to surrender, before many fighters exchanged fire with the soldiers in the area.

The Jenin Battalion of the Islamic Jihad said its fighters noticed an Israeli military force in the Sa’ada area near the Jenin refugee camp, before exchanging fire with them.

It added that its fighters detonated explosive charges as the military vehicles surrounded the home.

During the invasion, the Israeli army caused serious property damage, in addition to bulldozing and destroying a main street near the Al-Jalbouni Junction and Al-Batteekha Junction.

Media sources said the army prevented many Palestinian medics and ambulances from entering the attacked area, while the army pushed more armored vehicles, including bulldozers into the city.

Several parts of Jenin city, and the entirety of Jenin refugee camp, remained without electricity after the army fired live rounds at a main power transformer.

Israel has now killed 566 Palestinians, injured 5.300, abducted 9.485, and destroyed 990 structures, in the occupied West Bank, since October 7, 2023.

In the Gaza Strip, Israel has now killed at least 38.011 Palestinians, mostly children (at least 14.000), women, and elderly, injured more than 86.858, and displaced more than 2.000.000 Palestinians since October 7, 2023.

Mohammad Mahmoud Jabarin, killed on the rooftop of his home