A Palestinian detainee from the Jenin governorate, in the northern West Bank, has died inside an Israeli prison, exhibiting evidence of torture and abuse.

Media sources reported on Thursday, that the Palestinian detainee, Jamal Ahmad Shawahna, died in Israeli custody; he is the father of the wounded resistance fighter, Dia’ Shawahna.

According to his family, Shawahna suffered a heart attack inside Israeli prison on Wednesday; he was transported to Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel, where medical doctors pronounced him dead.

Sources added that Shawahna showed signs of being tortured inside Israeli prison after he was abducted by occupation forces, just four days prior to his death.

Shawahna, a citizen of the town of Silat al-Harithiya, northwest of Jenin in the northern West Bank, was abducted by occupation forces while he was at his workplace inside of Israel, although no official Palestinian news outlets reported the abduction.

The sources added that Shawahna was abducted in an attempt to coerce his son, Diaa to surrender himself to occupation authorities.

According to a statement from the Commission of Detainees’ and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs on July 3, “thousands of prisoners in the occupation prisons are facing torture and abuse – unprecedented in its level – in addition to the crime of starvation and systematic medical crimes that together constituted the central reasons for the martyrdom of dozens of prisoners and detainees inside the occupation prisons and camps. The names of (18) of them were announced, and among them were administrative detainees, while the occupation continues to conceal the identities of the rest of the martyrs.”