On Friday, Day 273 of the ongoing Israeli genocide of the Palestinians in several areas of the destroyed, starved, and besieged Gaza Strip, the army bombed and shelled several parts of the coastal enclave, killing and wounding dozens of Palestinians, including many women and children, in addition to abducting many Palestinians.

The Israeli army continued its massive invasions, bombing, and shelling attacks, especially in the Sheja’eyya neighborhood in Gaza City, in addition to the northern, central, and southern parts of the coastal enclave.

The Israeli war jets and attack helicopters targeted with missiles and bullets two schools, run by the UNRWA, causing many casualties at the Mousa Bin Nusair School.

The ground invasion and massive shelling of the Sheja’eyya neighborhood continued tor the eighth day, as the soldiers bombarded many homes and buildings, and abducted dozens of Palestinians from their homes, and buildings were families sheltered, after being unable to leave the area due to the intensity of the bombing.

The Israeli army also fired missiles and shells at Gaza Old City and the nearby Daraj neighborhood, killing thirteen Palestinians and wounding many others.

Palestinian medics and rescue teams also located the corpses of two Palestinians and evacuated six injured, from the rubble of a home that the army bombarded in Yaffa Street, in Gaza City.

Medical sources said four Palestinians were killed and many were injured when the army fired a missile at a home for the Al-Bardaweel family in the Daraj neighborhood, east of Gaza City.

The Palestinian Civil Defense medics found two children who trapped under the rubble after the army bombarded homes in the Daraj neighborhood and added that the medics and rescue operators recovered the corpses of two women and rescued several injured Palestinians from the rubble.

In central Gaza, at least four Palestinians were killed, and many were injured, including children and women, when the army fired missiles at the homes of the Sarraj family in Camp 5 area in Nusseirat.

In northern Gaza, the army fired a missile at a home for the Khader family on Old Gaza Street in Jabalia town, killing five Palestinians, including three children, and wounding many Palestinians.

In Rafah, in Gaza’s southmost part, the army continued the ground invasion for the sixtieth day and continued the wiring and detonation of dozens of homes and buildings to level entire neighborhoods and areas.

Furthermore, Israeli tanks invaded the Nasr Street area, east of Rafah, starting in the Shouka area and heading towards Salahuddin Street, where the army surrounded and isolated dozens of families.

In addition, Israeli tanks and armored vehicles invaded an area less than one kilometer from the Gaza European Hospital, in the southern part of Khan Younis.

It is worth mentioning that Palestinian medics and rescue teams found the corpses of nine Palestinians who were killed in earlier Israeli bombings of Khan Younis.

Furthermore, the army renewed the firing of dozens of artillery shells at various neighborhoods and areas in the eastern parts of Khan Younis.

Also, two Palestinians were killed when the army fired a missile at Palestinians riding a bicycle in the Sheikh Nasser area, in the southern part of Khan Younis.

On its part, the Israeli army declared the death of a soldier during an exchange of fire with Palestinian fighters inside a building in the Sheja’eyya neighborhood, in Gaza City, and added that another soldier was seriously injured during exchanges of fire with Palestinian fighters in central Gaza.

It is worth mentioning that, according to a report by Al-Jazeera English, Israeli officials said they are “cautiously optimistic” due to the revival of indirect ceasefire talks but added that there are many “key outstanding issues” are yet to be resolved.

Al-Jazeera stated that Israeli Mossad chief, David Barnea, intends to travel to Doha, Qatar, as the head of the negotiating delegation, and will meet with the Qatari Prime Minister before the start of the indirect talks after Hamas submitted its response to a ceasefire proposal.

Israeli Human Rights group, The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B’Tselem) called for am immediate ceasefire in Gaza and stated that Israel has now killed 14.000 Palestinian children in Gaza, and 110 children in the West Bank, since October 7, 2023.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the army committed massacres of families in the Gaza Strip in the last twenty-four hours, killing 58 and wounding 179.

Israel has now killed at least 38.011 Palestinians, and injured more than 87.445, mostly children (at least 14.000), women, and elderly, in addition to the thousands of missing Palestinians, largely under the rubble, on destroyed streets and alleys, in various parts of the devastated coastal enclave since October 7, 2023.