The Palestinian Center for Human Right (PCHR): PCHR follows up with concern Palestinian prisoners’ conditions in the Israeli prisons following the statement of Gilad Ardan, Minister of Public Security, on 30 March 2019,  threatening that there will be no negotiations with the Palestinian prisoners if they go on a hunger strike.

Associations of Palestinian prisoners’ affairs stressed that the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons will go on a hunger strike on Sunday, 07 April 2019 if the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) refuses their legitimate demands; most significantly improving their living conditions; ending use of jamming devices; and allowing the prisoners to contact their families.

According to information obtained by PCHR, in case the prisoners declared their hunger strike on Sunday, 07 April 2019, it would be gradually as 50 prisoners, including leaders of Palestinian factions, will start a dry hunger strike.

In case of not responding to their demands, the hunger strike will go on until declaration of a comprehensive strike in all prisons on 17 April, which marks the Palestinian Prisoner’s Day.

The hunger strike, which is the hardest choice for the prisoners, comes after the IPS has imposed tightening measures against the detainees and prisoners and deprived them of their most basic human rights that are guaranteed under international laws and standards.

PCHR is concerned that in case the prisoners went on the hunger strike in the Israeli prisoners, the IPS would use new suppressive and punitive measures against them.

Thus, PCHR calls upon the international community to practice pressure on the Israeli government to oblige it to comply with the international standards and principles which protect prisoners and maintain their rights and dignity.

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