Dozens of extremist Israeli settlers stormed into Al-Aqsa compound early on Tuesday, from Al-Magriba gate, heavily guarded by Israeli special forces.

Police opened Al-Magriba at 7:00 AM, deploying its members in the Al-Aqsa courtyards.

About 46 Israeli settlers, total, stormed the mosque in groups at early dawn hours, carrying out provocative tours in the courtyards and received teaching about the alleged Temple Mount, said Islamic Waqef media official Firas Al-Dibs.

Israeli police continued to impose restrictions and measures on the entrances of Al-Aqsa mosque and checked their IDs.

Dozens of Jerusalemite worshippers arrived  at the holy site to attend Quran and studies circles.

Al Ray further reports that, amid a climate of palpable tension, Israeli forces, accompanied by municipality construction workers, stormed the Aqabat al-Saraya area of Jerusalem, as well.

Local sources said that the aim of this operation is to search for unlicensed houses, repairing, maintenance works, removing hazards, fixing infrastructure, erasing graffiti from walls, and to ransack Palestinian houses of those involved in acts of resistance.

The sources added that settlement associations are trying to put a hand on a number of houses in the area, which caused clashes between Palestinian citizens, Israeli soldiers, and the settlement associations.

In the same context, the military closed the Salah Ad-Din road, near the Historic Wall of Jerusalem, under the pretext of a supposedly suspicious object existing there.

It is worth mentioning that closing the road triggered a large traffic jam, since this road is one of the most active streets in Jerusalem.

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