Overnight Monday util Tuesday dawn, Israeli forces abducted nineteen Palestinian civilians from the central and northern occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society reported.

The PPS documented that seven citizens were abducted by Israeli soldiers, from various parts of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem. The detainees were identified as;

    1. Majd Ibrahim Al-Hamshari, 23,
    2. Mahmoud Atef Abu Zaina, 25,
    3. Islambouli Riyadh Badir, 29,
    4. Nour Osama Yassin, 23,
    5. Muthanna Fouad Al-Masry, 22,
    6. Hassan Raed Al-Jumleh, 26, and
    7. Abdul Rahman Sabah, 33.

Meanwhile, three citizens from the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia were detained, including;

    8. Uday Hanini, 24,
    9. Mohamed Enaya, 38, and
    10. Mohammed Jaber, 28.

Also north of the West Bank, Israeli troops detained four more Palestinian civilians from Nablus city, including;

    11. Musab Abdel Salam Awwad from the town of Awarta,
    12. Qusay Shehadeh, from Balata refugee camp
    13. Muhammad Behnjawi, also from Balata refugee camp, and
    14. Bashir Fathi Badir from the town of Beita.

In the central West Bank city of Ramallah, Israeli forces abducted five more Palestinians, identifed as;

    15. Musa Zahran, a former prisoner from Deir Abu Mishaal,
    16. Yahya Samer Al-Rimawi,
    17. Ahmad Husam Al-Rimawi,
    18. Amir Ahmed Al-Rimawi, and
    19. Youssef Ahmad Al-Rimawi, all from Beit Rima town.

More than 5,000 Palestinians are currently imprisoned in Israeli jails, including the sick, the elderly, women and children.