The US government has begun a campaign to pressure the Palestinian National Authority and President Mahmoud Abbas to accept the “Deal of the Century” launched by US President Donald Trump, in the form of criticism made by his adviser, Jared Kushner, adviser during an interview with CNN.

In the interview, Kushner threatened Palestinian leadership, saying that if the Palestinians are unable to fulfill certain conditions under the plan, Israel should not recognize them as a state.

Kushner also criticized the behavior of the Palestinian Authority, saying that Abbas “has served 16 years instead of four years, and this is not a prosperous democracy.”

Kushner said there were promises of a democratic Palestinian state, but there is something that makes him believe that with this program and the “offering,” there is no one and that this state and order does not exist and that there will be no such state.

“Page 34 of the plan states that the basic condition for recognition of this Palestinian state is that it will enjoy free press, free elections, freedom of religion, stable and transparent financial institutions such as the Western world, and an independent judiciary, and it is clear that this does not currently exist,” he said.

“He also states in the plan that the United States and Israel are the two countries that will rule if the Palestinian state meets these conditions, but I fear that there are currently no Arab countries that meet these criteria,” the US adviser said. Is this not a simple way to tell the Palestinians that you will never have a state?”