The chairman of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Affairs Commission, Qadri Abu Baker, today, slammed Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett’s order to withhold the bodies of all alleged Palestinian assailants and to not return any of them to their families for burial.

Abu Baker stated that Bennett’s order is “contaminated with the stench of hatred and extremism” and “demonstrates yet again that Israel is a terrorist entity which relishes taking revenge against the families of alleged Palestinian assailants.”

According to WAFA correspondence, he urged the world to take a clear position to confront this “usurping entity”- in reference to Israel – “that proves every day that it is a terrorist entity that persists in its criminal acts against the Palestinian people.”

A statement by Bennett’s office said that the bodies will not be released in all cases, regardless of the faction the alleged assailant is affiliated with and regardless of the alleged attack they committed or attempted to commit. The order requires an approval from the Israeli security cabinet.

(photo: archive PNN image)

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