Senior member of the Executive Committee of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, held the international community legally and morally responsible for what she described as the Israeli military’s continued crimes against the unarmed Palestinian people.

In a statement, the senior PLO member released on Thursday on the 72nd anniversary of an Israeli massacre against the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, she noted that the Deir Yassin massacre claimed the lives of 250 to 360 Palestinian villagers, when two Zionist terrorist gangs, called Ergun and Stern, ethnically cleansed the village on April 9, 1948.

The statement explained “The massacre anniversary comes as the entire international community is bearing the brunt of a widely-spread Coronavirus, a virus that is quite similar to the occupation virus, suffered by the Palestinian people, at the hands of Israel for more than 70 years now”.

In her press release, Dr. Ashrawi pointed out that the Israeli military occupation, not only committed the Deir Yassin massacre, but other massacres such as Kufr Qasem, Salha village, Allod, Aldawayma, Khan Younis, Beit Daras, Yazour and others, the most recent of which were the 3 major Israeli military attacks on Gaza, between 2009 and 2014.

The well-known Palestinian politician also maintained that the continuation of Israeli occupation and illegal Israeli settlement construction on Palestinian-owned lands, as well as the Israeli blockade of Gaza Strip, are all absolutely supported by this American administration.

In her final comment regarding the anniversary of Deir Yassin massacre, Ashrawi reiterated the Palestinian peoples’ right to remain resilient and resistant on their ancestors’ lands, until all their legitimate and inalienable rights are attained, including their right to self-determination.

She also stressed that the Palestinian people will continue the legal fight against Israel at the international level, mainly bringing Israel to justice for all the heinous crimes, perpetrated over the past seven decades of illegal colonial and military occupation of Palestinian lands.

Image: Palestine News Network