Illegal Israeli settlers, with the full support of the Israeli military, on Tuesday, took possession of Palestinian land, east of Ramallah, in the central occupied West Bank, a local official reported.

Head of Deir Dibwan municipality, Mansour Mansour, told Palestinian WAFA news Agency that dozens of illegal colonial settlers stormed an area between Deir Dibwan and Rammun and took over around 47 dunams.

Mansour said that the colonists used bulldozers to raze the land belonging to Palestinian residents from both towns.

Israeli soldiers, prevented residents’ access to their lands and forced them to leave, while protecting the settlers’ theft of Palestinian land.

In related news, Israeli troops on Tuesday, disassembled an agricultural shed belonging to a Palestinian resident from the town of Aqraba, south of Nablus city, northern occupied West Bank, according to a local source.

Yousef Deriyeh, member of the local anti-settlements committee, told WAFA that Israeli forces stormed the town before tearing down the shed belonging to local resident, Marwan Abu Kotob.

Image: Alshakaba