Hasan Abed-Rabbo, the media consultant of the Palestinian Detainees’ Committee, has reported, Saturday, that six detainees, held by Israel under the arbitrary Administrative Detention orders without charges or trial, are ongoing with the hunger strike despite serious complications.

Abed-Rabbo stated that the detainees are suffering from a sharp pain, serious weight loss, fatigue, serious mineral deficiency, and salt deficiency “hyponatremia,” along with various other complications.

The hunger-striking detainees are Kayed and al-Fasfous, who started the strike 66 days ago, Miqdad al-Qawasma, who started 59 days ago, Ala al-A’raj, 41 days ago, Hisham Abu Hawwash, 33 days ago, Rayeq Bisharat, 28 days ago, and Shadi Abu Aker, 25 days ago.

They are constantly monitored by surveillance cameras, and some of them were briefly sent to hospitals after more than 40 days of hunger strike.

Israel is trying to force the detainees to accept “offers” that include extended administrative detention orders, but the detainees constantly reject these attempts to oblige them to end their strikes, especially since they are not facing any charges.

Kayed al-Fasfous, 32, is facing constant sharp pain in the legs, kidneys, and abdomen, after he lost more than 30 kilograms of his body weight, and is threatening to stop drinking water if no serious resolution is reached.

He is a former political prisoner who was abducted and imprisoned several times, including his latest abduction in July 2020; Kayed is a married father of one child and has three brothers, Akram, Mahmoud, and Hafeth, who are imprisoned by Israel. Kayed also held a hunger strike when he was imprisoned in the year 2019.

Miqdad al-Qawasma, 24, is facing serious complications, headache, pain in the abdomen and kidneys area, serious weight loss, in addition to severe pain in the joints, forcing him to use a wheelchair due to serious risks of falling in addition to balance issues.

Al-Qawasma was also repeatedly imprisoned by Israel, spending more than 4 years since 2015, including when he was held under Administrative Detention order. He has a brother who was abducted in March of this year and remains imprisoned.

Ala’ al-A’raj, 34, from Anabta near Tulkarem, is facing sharp pain in the chest and abdomen, in addition to spasms and weakness in the muscles; he also needs a wheelchair whenever he has to leave his bed.

He was repeatedly abducted and imprisoned since the year 2013 and was also held under Administrative Detention orders, spending more than five years behind bars.

He was taken prisoner on June 30, 2021, and was instantly slapped with a six-month Administrative Detention order.

Hisham Abu Hawwash, from Doura, 39, was abducted in October of 2020 and was slapped with two six-month Administrative Detention orders. He is a married father of four children, the youngest is suffering from kidney failure.
Hisham is also a former political prisoner who spent more than eight years in Israeli prisons.

Rayeq Bisharat, 44, is a former political prisoner who lost his arms in an explosion in 2002, and his wife was killed by the army and his son was injured.

He was abducted in 2003 and was sentenced to nine years in prison before he was released in 2012. He was abducted again on June 23, 2021, and was slapped with a three-month Administrative Detention order.

Shadi Abu Aker, 37, from Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem, was abducted in October 2020 and was slapped with three Administrative Detention orders.
He is a married father of two children and served a prison sentence of 10 years before he was released in the year 2012.