Earlier Wednesday, Israeli soldiers abducted a Palestinian, while extremist paramilitary colonizers attacked cars, in the Ramallah governorate, in the occupied West Bank’s central part.

Media sources said several Israeli military jeeps invaded Ramallah, especially Al-Masayef Street, before breaking into and searching homes.

They added that the soldiers abducted Adnan Shqeir, 25, from his home and took him to an unknown destination.

In addition, a group of illegal paramilitary Israeli colonizers gathered on the main street near Beit El colony, north of the Al-Biereh city, and hurled stones at many Palestinian cars.

The Palestinians were waiting to be allowed to cross the Israeli military roadblock when the colonizers attacked them while Israeli soldiers stood and watched.

On Wednesday dawn, Israeli soldiers abducted nine Palestinians, including a father and his son, and injured many Palestinians, in the Hebron governorate, in the occupied West Bank’s southern part.

On Tuesday night, the soldiers shot three Palestinians, including a child, in the town of Beita, south of Nablus, and abducted three young men from the Jenin governorate, in the northern occupied West Bank.

Earlier on Tuesday, soldiers shot two Palestinians with live ammunition, including a child, and abducted two others in the Nablus governorate.

It is worth mentioning that the soldiers abducted, Tuesday, seventeen Palestinians, including two children, in the governorates of Ramallah, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron and Jenin.

Before midnight on Tuesday/Wednesday, Israeli forces assassinated four Palestinians when an armed drone fired a missile in the center of the Nur Shams refugee camp, east of Tulkarem.

The slain young men were identified as Yazid Sa’ed Adel Shafe’, 22, Nimir Anwar Ahmad Hamarsha, 25, Mohammad Yasser Raja Shehada, 20, and Mohammad Hasan Ghannam Kanouh, 22.