On Tuesday, Israeli soldiers invaded Deir Ballout town, west of Salfit in the central West Bank, and handed eighteen demolitions and halt construction orders targeting several homes, in addition to commercial and agricultural structures.

The Mayor of Deir Ballout, Samir Yousef Abdullah, said the soldiers handed the demolition and halt construction orders targeted both under-construction and inhabited homes, in addition to several agricultural rooms, in the northwestern part of the town.

Abdulah added that one of the Palestinians, Ahmad Abdullah, was informed that the army intends to demolish his commercial structure at the town’s main entrance within two days.

He said the inhabited homes are owned by Jawad Hadrous, Ahmad Abdul-Khaleq Mustafa, Bashar Bashir Mustafa, Nathem Daoud Abu Jaber, Riyad Hassan Mustafa, Mohammad Azzam Abdul-Jawad, Bahauddin Odah Abdullah, Omar Raslan Mustafa, Mohammad Bashir, Ziad Abed Mousa, and Aabed Abdul-Rahim Mousa. The demolition orders also target an under-construction home owned by Abdul-Baqi Abdul-Jawad.

The agricultural structures are owned by Ahamd Yousef Mustafa, Yacoub Younis Abdul-=Jawad, Ibrahim Taiseer Mustafa, Wajeeh Hassan Mustafa, and Ihsan Hassan Mustafa.

The Israeli army claimed the buildings, licensed by the local council, did not receive permits from the so-called “Civil Administration Office,” the administrative branch of the illegal occupation.

Salfit governor, Dr. Abdullah Kamil, called on various legal and human rights groups to aid the Palestinians and said that his office and legal groups would closely follow the issue to counter the illegal Israeli colonialist policies.

Kamil added that while Israel is targeting Palestinian homes and buildings, it is permitting the illegal Israeli colonizers to continue the installation of colonialist outposts and colonies on stolen Palestinian lands.

The governor added that, over the past few months, Israel issued more than 86 demolition orders targeting many homes and structures in the town.