Israeli soldiers and undercover offices invaded, earlier Monday, the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and Jenin refugee camp, shot and injured a Palestinian driver, and abducted two young men from their homes.

The head of the Emergency Department of the Red Crescent in Jenin, Mahmoud Sa’adi, said the undercover Israeli soldiers opened fire at a Palestinian, who was driving a garbage collection truck, and wounded him in the leg, in addition to causing damage to the vehicle.

He added that Red Crescent medics rushed to the scene, and provided the wounded man with the urgently needed treatment, before moving him to a hospital in Jenin.

Furthermore, many soldiers invaded Jenin refugee camp, before breaking into and searching many homes, and abducted two young men, identified as Yousef Abu as-Seba’ and Ahmad Fadel Qassem, in their twenties.

Many Palestinians protested the invasion, and the abductions, while the military fired many live rounds and rubber-coated steel bullets.

On Sunday evening, soldiers and police officers invaded the al-’Isawiya town, in the center of occupied Jerusalem, and photographed several homes and buildings, an act which precedes the issuing of demolition orders.