Israeli soldiers invaded, Tuesday dawn, many Palestinian homes in Kharsa village and Yatta town, near the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and violently searched them before summoning a young man for interrogation.

Several army jeeps invaded Kharsa village southwest of Hebron before the soldiers stormed and ransacked many homes and interrogated several Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

The soldiers also handed Ibrahim Abdul-Majid Shadid a warrant summoning his son, Abdul-Majid, for interrogation after failing to locate him during the invasion.

In Yatta town, south of Hebron, the soldiers invaded and violently searched many homes owned by Palestinians from the local Makhamra family.

In addition, the army installed roadblocks on Hebron’s northern and southern roads and the main streets leading to the towns of Beit Awwa, Sa’ir, and Halhoul.

The soldiers stopped and searched dozens of cars and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.