Israeli soldiers invaded, on Thursday at dawn, the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and several nearby towns, stormed homes after detonating their doors, searched and ransacked the properties, and kidnapped at least six Palestinians.

The soldiers detonated the front doors of many Palestinian homes in Hebron city, and violently searched the properties while interrogating the terrified families.

In addition, the soldiers kidnapped two Palestinians in the al-‘Arroub refugee camp, three in Hebron city, and one in Ethna village.

The Israeli army said it conducted a massive search campaign in Hebron city, and located two blacksmith workshops, allegedly used for manufacturing weapons.

Local sources in Hebron said the soldiers invaded Be’er al-Mahjar area, in the city, surrounded an apartment building and an under-construction building near the al-Ahli Hospital, and detonated the doors of seven homes before searching them, and ransacking their furniture and belongings.

During the home invasions in Hebron city, the soldiers kidnapped two Palestinians, identified as Khaled Abu Za’rour and Rajaey al-Hroub.

Similar invasions of homes and property were also reported in the towns of Bani Neim, Ethna, Tarqoumia, Sa’ir and Shiokh.

Clashes also took place after the soldiers invaded the towns of Sa’ir, Bani Neim, Ethna, and Tarqoumia.

According to a statement by the Israeli army, the soldiers raided 19 blacksmith workshops in Hebron since the beginning of the year, reportedly used for manufacturing weapons, in addition to locating more than 200 weapons.