Israeli authorities delivered, Monday, a number of stop work orders to Palestinians in the southern West Bank village of Birin, east of Hebron City, according to the Palestinian WAFA News Agency.

Coordinator of the Anti-Wall and Settlement Committees Rateb al-Jabour, said Israeli forces stormed Birin village Birin and handed five Palestinian residents notices ordering them to stop working on their lands.

Al-Jabour added that these measures by the occupation, are intended to intimidate and force Palestinians to abandon their land. The result of which would be the forced displacement of Palestinians, and expropriation of occupied territories for the expansion of nearby illegal Israeli settlements.

Meanwhile, Israeli settlers, Monday, erected a new illegal outpost in the village of Birin, signalling their intent to build another illegal settlement, local sources said.

Al-Jabour told WAFA that illegal settlers set up a caravan on lands owned by Palestinians, with legal deeds proving ownership of the land.

The Committee of Protection and Resilience said the outpost would connect the illegal settlements of Kiryat Arba, Bani Hefer, Karma’il, and Ma’on.

In related news, groups of illegal Israeli settlers, on Sunday evening, stormed Tel Rumedia neighborhood in the city of Hebron, and attacked Palestinian civilians, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

Eyewitnesses stated that a large number of extremist colonialist settlers, under the full protection of armed Israeli soldiers, attacked Palestinians in Tel Rumeida.

Sources said that local residents confronted the colonists and forced them to withdraw from the town. No injuries were reported.