About ten Palestinian journalists were injured by Israeli fire on Monday, while covering the Israeli aggression against Palestinian protesters along Gaza border, the government media office reported, according to Al Ray.

The office condemned, in a statement, deliberate Israeli attacks on Palestinian journalist crews while covering the Great March of Return.

Office chairman Salam Maroof said that six Palestinian journalists were injured by live fire. They were identified as Yaser Qdaih, Omar Hamdan, Hashem Abu Hadaid, Mohammed Abu Dahrouj, Ahmad Zaqout, Mohammed, Abd Allah Ashourbajee.

He also said that journalist Rabee’ Abu Nqairah was suffocated with Israeli tear gas fired against Palestinians east of Rafah.

Maroof explained,  in an official statement, that Israeli occupation forces deliberately attack Palestinian journalist crews to prevent them from covering crimes against Palestinian civil protesters.

He called for the formation of an international investigation committee to look into Israeli attacks against Palestinian journalists, calling to cease the membership of the Israel  in all international forums concerned with the freedom of opinion and expression and defending the rights of journalists.

In praising their great effort, Maroof called on Palestinian journalists to carry on revealing Israeli crimes against Palestinian civil protests. He also stressed the importance of documenting Israeli crimes in order to file them with the International Criminal Court (ICC).