United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, stated that he is following the escalation and developments between Israel and the Gaza Strip “with deep concern”, and called on all parties to “exercise maximum restraint” to avoid further tension and casualties.

Although his statement ignored the death of four Palestinians, who were killed by the Israeli forces, Friday, the day before the escalation started, Guterres “deplored the risk of yet another dangerous escalation and further loss of life on the eve of the holy month of Ramadan,” on Sunday, and condemned “launching of rockets from Gaza into Israel, particularly the targeting of civilian population centers”.

He said that Israel was ‘retaliating to the rockets lunched from the Occupied Palestinian Territory (Gaza) into Israel, particularly targeting city centers,” and called “on all parties to exercise maximum restraint.”

In a statement published by the UN, it said that its Special Coordinator for the Middle East, Nickolay Mladenov, issued a similar call, and said that he is working closely with Egypt and “all concerned parties,” to restore calm.

Palestinians killed (confirmed):

May 5, 2019

  1. Maria Ahmad al-Ghazali, 4 months.
  2. Ahmad Ramadan al-Ghazali, 31 (Maria’s father).
  3. Eman Abdullah Mousa al-Ghazali, 30 (Maria’s mother).
  4. Abdul-Rahim Mustafa Taha al-Madhoun, 61.
  5. Abdul-Rahman Talal Atiyya Abu al-Jedian, 12.
  6. Eyad Abdullah al-Sharihi, 34.
  7. Mohammad Abdul Nabi Abu Armaneh, 30.
  8. Mahmoud Samir Abu Armanah, 27.
  9. Mousa Moammar, 24.
  10. Ali Ahmad Abdul-Jawad, 51.
  11. Hani Hamdan Abu Sha’ar, 37 (Rafah).
  12. Abdullah Abdul Rahim al-Madhoun, 22.
  13. Fadi Ragheb Badran, 31.
  14. Amani al-Madhoun (Abu al-Omarein), 33/Ayman al-Madhoun (her fetus), northern Gaza.
  15. Abdullah Nofal Abu al-Ata, 21.
  16. Bilal Mohammad al-Banna, 23.
  17. Hamed al-Khodari, 34.
  18. Mahmoud Sobhi Issa, 26.
  19. Fawzi Abdul-Halim Bawadi, 24.

May 4, 2019

  1. Saba Mahmoud Abu Arar, 1
  2. Falasteen Saleh Abu Arar, 37
  3. Khaled Mohammad Abu Qleiq, 25
  4. Emad Mohammad Nosseir, 22

May 3, 2019 (before the launch of the current offensive)

  1. Ala’ Hasan al-Bobali, 29
  2. Abdullah Ibrahim Abu Mallouh, 33
  3. Ra’ed Khalil Abu Teir, 19
  4. Ramzi Rawhi ‘Abdo, 31

Israelis killed (confirmed):

May 5, 2019

  1. Pinchas Menachem Prezuazman, 21.
  2. Moshe Feder, 68.
  3. Ziad Alhamamda, 50.
  4. Moshe Agadi, 58.