A US delegation, on Sunday afternoon, has arrived in Tel Aviv, in preparation for opening the US embassy in Jerusalem, on Monday.

The delegation includes first daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, in addition to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, as well as dozens of members of Congress, according to Haaretz.

President Trump is expected to speak on video, during the inauguration ceremony, the US ambassador to the United States said Friday.

According to the PNN, several European countries, including Austria, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic, have accepted an invitation from the Israeli Foreign Ministry to attend the opening ceremony of the US embassy in Jerusalem, despite the opposition of the European Union, which rejects the move, Ha’aretz newspaper reported.

The four countries said they would attend the opening ceremony of the US embassy in Jerusalem, while Bulgaria also said its ambassador to Israel would attend the ceremony, but the Foreign Ministry has not given a clear decision so far.

The five countries are members of the European Union, which has announced its opposition to the controversial transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem and stressed that this move is seriously detrimental to the peace process.

05/13/18 Foreign Ministry Condemns Blocking of EU Statement Rejecting US Embassy Move