WASHINGTON, Friday, August 06, 2021 (WAFA) – Some 3,000 pro-Palestinian activists signed an online petition calling on US President Joe Biden and the US Congress to send a United Nations (UN) protection force to the occupied Palestinian territories.

The petition was created by Stephen Brackens Brinkley, who said that it is intended to “ensure that protection is afforded to the Palestinian people, 50% of whom are children,” while noting that “the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has thus far failed in its obligation to provide safety for these indigenous people suffering under illegal, belligerent occupation.”

The petition urged the US to “stop its indiscriminate and carte blanche defense of apartheid Israel via its UN Security Council veto and let justice be served,” while recalling that the US gives “Israel 4 billion dollars a year to maintain this illegal occupation and this so-called “Defense Aid” is being used against a civilian population.”

“Our complicity in this must stop!” the petition maintained.

It added that

“The Palestinian people have been suffering under a decades-long illegal occupation by Israel. Massive violations of human rights are committed daily by the Israeli military and police and they act with impunity.”

“It is clear that no amount of UN Resolutions will modify their brutality and, indeed, the violations are mounting, with not only the Israeli military and police assaulting Palestinian civilians, but the armed illegal settlers increasingly as well.”

The petition slammed the US for continuing to shield Israel from scrutiny for its serious human rights violations.

“Even with an International Criminal Court investigation upcoming, apartheid Israel continues its pattern of violations, acting with impunity as it believes that the United States will prevent any serious accountability by the world community by using the U.S. veto on the UN Security Council to stop any attempt to hold Israel accountable for its grave crimes. By so doing, the United States becomes complicit in the wrongdoing.”