U.S. Still Considering Closure of Washington PLO Office

28 Jan
6:46 PM

Israeli Channel 2, on Thursday, said that the U.S. is considering closing down the PLO offices in Washington as a sanction for refusal, by the Palestinian Authority(PA), to return to negotiations with Israel.

The PA, following U.S. president Donald Trump declaration of Jerusalem the capital of Israel, announced halt of the Israeli-Palestinian talks, saying that the U.S. is no longer qualified to lead the ā€œpeace processā€.

In response, the U.S. threatened to cut aid for Palestinians and to close PLO offices in Washington, and sending of the PLO envoy back to Ramallah.

Last week, U.S. vice president Mike Pence visited Israel, where he met with Israeli politicians and addressed the Knesset. Palestinians in return announced general strike, and refused to receive Pence.Ā The U.S. considered this a sign of ā€œdisrespect.ā€

The U.S. has already once threatened to shut down the PLO mission in New York. Back in November, Secretary of State Rex TillersonĀ sent a letterĀ to the Palestinian leadership warning that the delegation might be shut down as a result of Abbasā€™s call on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate Israel and prosecute Israelis.

Later, however, State Department officials said that it was decidedĀ to keep the delegation openĀ for at least 90 days, and, at the end of that period, Trump could announce that he is prolonging its activity if it is vital for supporting ā€œmeaningfulā€ Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

01/25/18Ā PA: If Jerusalem is Off the Table, Peace is Off the Table

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