King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Bin Abdelaziz, called yesterday on rival factions in Palestine, Hamas and Fatah, to visit Makkah for a resolution of their differences away from violence.

The Saudi King deplored bloody confrontations in Gaza, considering them a ‘shame’ for the prolonged Palestinian national struggle, which has produced a long march of martyrs on the path of freedom.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would not keep silent towards what is happening on the Palestinian arena”, the King maintained.

King Abdullah called the Palestinian infighting ‘unjustified’ and invited the Palestinian parties to Saudi Arabia to reach an agreement by dialogue not by guns.

Both factions accepted the invitation, as the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his Hamas-led government hailed Saudi Arabia's efforts.

Several Arab and Islamic bodies, such as Egypt, Jordan, Qattar and the Islamic Conference Organization, have so far been exerting efforts to reconcile between rival Palestinians, for the sake of a national unity government. All efforts have not yet succeeded as infighting renews from time to time.