The Israeli government officially rejected the Palestinian unity government deal reached between the Palestinian factions in Mecca. Israeli officials said that this deal failed to meet the preconditions of the Quartet Committee. Spokeswoman of the Israeli government stated on Friday that the Palestinian government must accept the international conditions.


Unity Government deal was reached between Fateh and Hamas after Marathon talks in Saudi Arabia. President Mahmoud Abbas, and Hamas’ political bureau chief, Khalid Mashal singed the deal on Thursday.


The deal divided the cabinet portfolios and the diplomatic positions between Hamas and Fateh in addition to position that wee given to smaller groups. The agreement states that the government will uphold the previously signed agreements, but did not have a direct mention of Israel.


Officials in Israel said that this deal is not what they expected, and that the coming Palestinian government must recognize Israel’s right to exists, stop the attacks, and implement the previously signed peace deals.


The officials added that the appointment letter issued by Abbas to the new government “made it clear that the international conditions were not met.


Senior government sources in Israel said that the “Palestinian attacks did not halt”, and that the abducted corporal Gilad Shalit was not released.


Yet, the sources stated that Israel does not fully reject the agreement, but will continue to observe the development.  


Meanwhile, Israel’s Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, said that Hamas is “not acting towards the interest of the Palestinian people”. Livni is currently visiting Germany.


On Thursday, Israeli government spokeswoman said that the new government must recognize Israel, and accept the peace deals.


His statements came after the Palestinian signed the unity government deal in Mecca.