The National Union of Journalists in Britain and Ireland called for the boycott of Israeli products in protest of the continued Israeli aggression towards Gaza as well as the latest Israeli war on Lebanon.

A 'yes' vote of 66 against 54 favored the decision, which they said is ‘similar to the boycotts led by trade union congress at the time of the apartheid regime in South Africa. The NUJ also demanded that the British government and the United Nations imposes sanctions on Israel until the latter halts ‘hostile actions’.

The vote has cast a combination of applause and grasp, the UK-based Guardian newspaper published. The paper said the NUJ has been instructed to back anti-apartheid Israel organizations such as the International Solidarity Campaign, Jews for Justice in Palestine and the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding.

Similar boycotts have been initiated over the past few years of Israeli-Palestinian violence, such as academic and sporting boycotts of Israel in protest of the Israeli aggression towards the occupied Palestinian territories.