Two Palestinian women were injured in the West Bank city of Qalqilia, as the Israeli army destroyed a house and caused damage to others.

29 year-old woman Fida’ Amir and 40 year-old Sahar Nazzal, were shot and wounded by Israeli gunfire during a raid on the Ghieda neighborhood in the city center.

Witnesses said that the Israeli army blockaded the house of Ali Shukri, a Hamas member, who Israel alleges has been involved in a bombing in Tel-Aviv. The Israeli soldiers opened their machine gunfire at the house, injuring Fida’ Amir in her shoulder.

Medical sources confirmed that both women have been admitted to hospital for treatment, given their critical conditions.

The Israeli army placed explosive devices around the house, detonating it completely and causing a great deal of damage to nearby houses.

On Friday night, the Israeli army invaded the Izbet Attayeb village, east of Qalqilia and broke into several houses there. Local sources said that the Israeli forces held the mayor of the village for prolonged hours.