Bothiana Douqmaq, and Hilal Jaber, lawyers of the Mandela institute reported that they managed to visit a number of detainees in Gilboa’ and Shatta Israeli detention facilities. The detainees complained of bad treatments and harsh living conditions.In Gilboa’, the two lawyers managed to visit Moayyad Abdul-Samad, Shareef Raddad, Tahseen Makkawi, Karim Younis, Ala’ Al Bazian and Bishir Al Maqt.

The detainees complained of bad treatment by the soldiers and the prison administration, and stated that the administration separated the Palestinian detainees from the occupied West Bank from the detainees from Jerusalem and the detained Arab residents of Israel.

Detainee Moayyad Abdul-Samad, stated that the detainees who spent so many years in detention and are sentenced to high terms are hoping that they will be freed under a prisoner swap deal, and called on the Palestinian government to stop all sorts of chaos and insecurity in the Gaza Strip.

Also, detainee Ala’ Al Bazian from Jerusalem, said that the detainees are very annoyed and saddened by the unfortunate and deadly internal clashes in the Gaza Strip, adding that such incidents are also affecting the achievement of a prisoner swap deal, and are affecting the image of the Palestinian people who are struggling against the Israeli occupation.

Commenting on the condition inside the prisons, detainee Sharif Raddad, in Gilboa’ prison, said that the administration has escalated its attacks and violation against the detainees, and that soldiers attacked the detainees after breaking into their rooms on May 6, used military dogs in searching the rooms and handcuffed several detainees before hitting and clubbing them.   

He added the soldiers barred the detainees from leaving their rooms for three days, barred them from their visitation rights and confiscated several electric tools including cooling fans.

In Shatta prison, lawyers Douqmaq and Jaber visited detainees Amir Radaha, Yasser Mashaty, Mihraj Shihahda, Ahmad kamil, Yousef Eirshayyid, Ismail Al Jammal, Anas Jaradat, Wajdi Al Jallad and tariq Hussein.

The detainees complained of the lack of cooling fans, and of the lack of food at the prison canteen. They also complained that they did not receive any payments from the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees since a long period.

They also said that the administration is barring the entry of clothes or books to the detainees, and is barring any body contact between the detainees and their families.