Israeli media sources reported on Monday at night that a Jewish immigrant from France, living in Tel Aviv, confessed to the Israeli police that he murdered a 35-year old Arab Taxi driver by slitting his throat in an apartment in Tel Aviv.The body of the Palestinian taxi driver also bore signs of sever attack and torture. It was found in an apartment of Yona Hanavi Street in Tel Aviv, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.

 Haaretz added that initial police investigation revealed that the driver was invited to the apartment of the 25-year old Israeli who also carries French citizenship.

Haaretz also stated that the police were first alerted to the incident when traffic officers noticed two Israelis loitering in the center of Allenby Street  on Monday approximately at 16:00.

 The two , the suspect and his brother, were detained by the police for routine questioning, but then, the 25-year old man told the police that he killed an Arab taxi driver in his apartment, and led the police to the crime scene, Haaretz reported.

The killer stated that he killed the Arab man over his Arab nationality.

Also, Haaretz reported that neighbors said that the suspect had recently became religious and started to attend a local synagogue”.

 He led the police to the apartment, and the police found the body of the Arab man. The police estimate that the murder took place several hours before the body was found.

 According to Haaretz, the brother of the suspect apparently arrived to the apartment shortly after the murder took place, and that he “was not directly involved”.  

Police Brig. Gen. Hagai Dotan, head of the investigation unit at the Yarkon District Police, said that it is clear that the victim, a Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem, did not know the suspect, and that he believes that the murder carried national motives.

The police also said that after the suspect and his brother were taken for questioning, it became clear that the murder was intentional and planned in advanced, especially after the murderer told the police the he “decided to kill an Arab”.