Palestinian West Bank intelligence Chief Tawfiq Tirawi rescinded Monday his resignation upon the request of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, PA official told Reuters.

Tirawi resigned on Friday following a Thursday rampage by Palestinian gunmen, who fired at the presidential compound in Ramallah in protest against the PA offer to solve the “Wanted” problem. 

Tirawi complained that other Palestinian security chiefs had not done enough to impose the rule of law.

Thursday’s rampage was prompted by Abbas’s decision to expel 26 gunmen holed up in his presidential compound.

On Saturday, Abbas accepted the resignation of Haj Ismail, head of Palestinian national security in the West Bank.

Abbas also ordered hundreds of Palestinian officers above the age of sixty to retire as a needed step towards reforming PA security forces.

Palestinian sources quoted Abbas telling Tirawi on Sunday that “This phase requires tremendous efforts and I have full trust and faith in you.’. Tirawi acceded and withdrew his resignation.